About Ashlee

??????????I’m Ashlee. A reader, a writer, a reviewer, a mother and wife, a nature-lover, a friend, a sister and daughter, a follower of God.

Let me explain my addiction to you.

I love books. They fill my mind, my heart, and (to my husband’s chagrin) they fill my house. Books are layered two-thick on my bookshelves, they are stacked in rows against my walls and down my stairs, they are piled next to my bed and in baskets scattered throughout the house. And as we start to run out of room in our house to put them, I have found they can be very useful as decorative pieces – my husband is even threatening to turn them into furniture if I get many more. If a purse will not fit a standard sized book in it, that purse is not for me. When you see me leave the public library, you may well gasp for fear I will trip and fall headlong down the stairs because I can’t see where I’m going from behind the stack of 34 books I’m carrying.

And I get judged, yes indeed. Even my closest family and friends, who know me better than anyone, have been known to mutter and shake their heads when seeing the new pile of books I bring home from a used book sale. What can I do, but shake my head back at them, and pity them? For anyone who does not love books is, in my opinion, missing one of the greatest joys in life. God gave us words. He gave us minds to use them, voices to speak them, hands to write them down, and imaginations to let their creativity fly free. Books are community – they are the way we remember things, and speak to one another. They are portals between worlds, keys to time’s endless path.

Books. We need them. Don’t try to argue with me. We need them.

Surrounded by the books I love best, I feel safe and warm. I can hear the voices whispering off the pages to me, even when they are closed and on the shelf. I only have to look at a well-known, well-loved book to immediately feel myself transported to another world. Don’t you? I hope so.

So here at Faerie Tale Forest, I want to talk about books. I’ll talk about the ones I love best (many of which are fantasies), and what’s more, I will talk about the things we find INSIDE of these books, whether it’s food, dragons, wizards, enchantments, friends and enemies, hatred or love. I’ve never written a blog before, so it’s a new journey for me, but it’s one I hope you’ll be willing to take with me. I have a feeling it’s going to be fun!

  1. Hey, I would like to award you with 2 awards. They were given to me and I was asked to pay it forward and I thought of you. Your blog always inspires me to challenge my brain when thinking of material to cover. Thank you xoxox I hope you find the time to accept them xoxo http://thefairytaletraveler.com/2013/08/04/sunday-sharpener-15-sites-to-visit-to-sharpen-your-edge-awards/

  2. Reading your about page makes me want to buy more books 🙂

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