Book Review: Dragon Flight (by Jessica Day George)

dragonflightIf you caught my review of the first book of this series, Dragon Slippers (, you’ll know already that I am a fan of Jessica Day George.  I couldn’t recommend her Dragon series more for any fantasy-loving kid between the age of 12 and 16.  Although honestly, books like this are appropriate for all ages beyond the recommendation bracket … I’m twice the recommended age and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Creel, our main character, has made it through the Dragon War as its hero (however unwilling), and is now running her own successful dress shop.  She doesn’t spend much time there in this book, though, for trouble begins to brew pretty quickly.  Word comes that a bordering country is training dragons and planning an attack, and Creel, as the one human in her country who is most familiar with the ways of dragons, is nominated to help.  She leads a small troop of dragons to the bordering country with plans to become a spy.  She meets up with the prince (insert *sigh*) and brings with her two of her own human friends to help.

Well, I’m a comparer (is that a word?  Spell check isn’t picking it up, so it must be!  Yes!)  So of course I couldn’t help comparing the second book with the first.  They both had the same charming style, mainly the same cast of characters (although we are introduced to quite a few new dragons in the second book).  The plots both had action and intrigue, and even a hint of romance.  Spoiler alert – the romance begins to bloom significantly more in the second book.  Nothing more intense than a kiss or two and some hand-holding, mind, and definitely all G-rated; but feelings are most definitely in the open by the end of Dragon Flight, let’s just put it that way.

Did I like Dragon Flight better than Dragon Slippers?  Well, yes, actually.  Maybe because I felt I was getting to know the characters a little better in the second book and was more comfortable with them – but I think the real reason was because the plot moved along at a better (and more interesting) pace in Dragon Flight.  Dragon Slippers had a lot of talking, a lot of planning and waiting and traveling and sewing.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for these things.  I do most of them myself on a daily basis.  But a fantasy book that features dragons needs to have actions.  And Dragon Flight, while still having many of these same things, had a lot more action.  I’m sure you are no different than other readers (and neither am I) in believing, whether consciously or not, that the writer should “make” you pay attention to the story they are telling.  You shouldn’t have to force yourself to keep reading if you are simply not feelin’ it.  Dragon Flight did this for me more than Dragon Slippers.  Just my opinion – maybe for you it was different.  If you’ve read either of the books, or even the books in the rest of the series (which I will be getting around to as soon as I can!), then let me know what you think!


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